Wednesday, September 24, 2008

daily show!

best show taping: daily show. virginia (pictured* to the right) was awesome and got tickets to the daily show taping for tonight months ago. she extended an invitation to me and i would be a fool to deny the pleasure of a mr. stewart. last week we discovered aaron "two-face" eckhart was going to be the guest. to say i was psyched was an understatement. i have been a fan of his since "in the company of men" and did you see him in "the dark knight". nuff said. he was much more handsome in person than on screen. he even made reference to his bay area roots calling out the raiders. dude aaron, wrong bay area team. you know it's all about the niners. it's okay i'm still jocking aaron.

here is the episode. annnnd, here is my favorite part below. enjoy!

reason to go to a wednesday taping of daily show: the toss to stephen colbert. it's cute because before what you see below, jon complimented stephen on what a lovely daughter he had. just compadres until the cameras turn on i guess. also, on wednesdays they tape the opening of the global edition. BONUS!

*photo credit to julia macfall.


John said...

You are sooooo lucky, Shar! I've always wanted to see The Daily Show. Maybe I will get a chance to see both Jon Stewart AND Shar Chiu the next time I'm in NY!

sharock said...

oh yes, that's the double whammy! jon says hi to john! (with a lil wave)

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