Tuesday, September 23, 2008

glass house

future field trip for 2009: the glass house. oh golly, my golly gee! v sent over the news about tickets being available for the glass house. it is a bit pricey for the starving artist, but i think it's worth the trip. mandatory tour too. looks like you can take metro north to new canaan, ct from grand central. who is down? we have to get tickets before they all go to the richie riches. it's like the getty villa of the east coast. it tis $$$$

catch before it closes trip: dan flavin institute. okay, i've been waiting to make the trip to bridgehampton to check out this neon church action, but the deadline for the 2008 season is october 12. shar's gotta get her to the hamptons. didn't think i would say that huh?


jac said...

damn i was planning on checking out dia beacon on oct 12

sharock said...

come to flavin instead! hamptons kinda.

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