Sunday, September 21, 2008

picnic in the cemetery

best place for a picnic: under holly's weeping beech tree in woodlawn cemetery. i have been meaning to head out to woodlawn for a picnic since holly mentioned how the old timies did so. me, holly and virginia parked under the gould beech. it was perfect. it's was like nature's tent. after lunch we climbed the branches a bit. twas fun! i'll be back to woodlawn for the fall and winter. it's the bestest.

unexpected visit: duke ellington and miles davis' graves. duke has this really
amazing tree providing sheltered, while miles' has this kinda unflattering tombstone in my opinion. what do you think?


Andy Joe said...

You're right. The Miles tombstone looks like it was designed by the same kid who laid-out my high school yearbook.

sharock said...

lol andy! but come to think of it, it is very hs yrbk

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