Friday, September 19, 2008

basia bulat @ highline ballroom

most anticipated show: basia bulat at highline ballroom. i have been dying to see basia for months and months now. i passed on her may show because she wasn't the headliner and it was at terminal 5. i'm glad i waited. her concert was sadly not sold out tonight. it was seated though, which was nice for a long week. she was every thing i was expecting. charming and sweet with that raspy voice of her's. sigh! love it! she didn't play her covers of daniel johnston's "true love will find you in the end", sam cooke's "touch the hem of his garment" or the strokes "someday", but she did play a cover of bob dylan's "you ain't going nowhere".

she got through most of all her tracks on "oh, my darling" with extras like "gold rush", which is a tribute to the moshers of yukon county. she saved "a secret" and "i was a daughter" for the last half, ending with a gospel hymn "hush".

i got this and had her sign it after the show. she was uber nice and obliged with a lot of picture taking. i asked when she would be back but she didn't know. (sorry jac!) she did say she would be back tho.

basia extras: here is a quick interview she did on wnrn - charlottesville, uva a couple days back. also, a really fun video of her playing "before i knew" at scott's food court. then, another of her in the subway playing at a grecian gardens flower shop. enjoy the autoharp!


jac said...

NO WAY!! you suck shar!!

sharock said...

sorry jac! saki has a group pic too. basia was like everyone in the pic.

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