Tuesday, September 9, 2008

spectacle: elvis costello with...

most rewarding contest: jenny lewis spectacle. i was perusing jenny's my space and bam a contest to see her at the apollo for a taping of a new show by elvis costello. i made the cut by emailing quick enough. i was psyched to go to the apollo theater finally. i rubbed the stump as i walked in for luck a la amateur night. the place was not packed and we (mike was the lucky person who got the other ticket) were able to move up to the 7th row. we had a perfect view except when the camera guys were in the isles.
added bonus: she & him. dang skippy! i really lucked out because not only was jenny lewis on the bill, but zooey and m.ward too. SCORE! there were a few cute jenny and zooey backing vocals action to synchronized swaying. it was uber good stuff. here was the set list as i could remember it:
change is hard (she & him)
pretty bird (jenny and elvis on guitar)
one headlight (interview interlude by jakob dylan)
war is kind (jakob with elvis on guitar)
carpetbaggers (see photo above - elvis with jenny and zooey on backing vocals)
straight to hell (joe strummer cover by elvis and jakob)

what's so funny about peace, love and understanding (the gang: elvis, jakob, jenny, zooey, matt; plus johnathan rice on guitar, father-daughter drummers pete and tennessee thomas)
star sighting of the night: diana krall (#11). i looked at her straight on when i was leaving my seat. i was like whoa mrs. elvis costello. no one seemed to notice her, but what caught my attention was her pinstriped blazer with crest on breast pocket.


J said...

Elvis Costello also performed Go Away with Jenny Lewis.

sharock said...

thanks i couldn't remember that one track. hope you enjoyed the show as much as i did.

rebeccahint said...

thanks for the account!!!

sharock said...

you're welcome!

Andy Joe said...

A unique gig in a historic venue. Nice job snagging those tix.

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