Thursday, September 11, 2008

to coop, or not to coop

best decision of my week: park slope coop. i finally went to an orientation last night after being shut out on monday for being 6 minutes late. i heard about their nazi-like rules so i wasn't entirely surprised. they claim cheap local organic food. i like local and organic, but i'm not completely vigilant about it because i'm chinese and cheap. oh and i read ominvore's dilemma and pretty much made me feel better about the local, organic movement. you should read it. it's goooood. so here's my pro and con list:


close to home
community based
work once a month
new friends
cheapass spices and cheese
extra plastic recycling

strict rules
not that cheap produce
no coke b/c of this
only saturday and sunday evening shifts
$100 "investment"

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