Saturday, October 25, 2008

cmj goodness

must cmj line-up: rosebuds, ladybug transistor, crystal stilts, wye oak and dj jens lekman. the later two were late additions and quite the surprise. i was already thrilled with the original line-up so the bonus acts cause me to cuss with excitement on g-chat. here's how it played out.jenn's soothing voice lulled over andy's drums and keys magic. so magical he can sometimes play them at the same time. they are playing a daytrotter gig today. here are some sweet tunes.

i fell in love with brad's garbly marbly voice. i had a hard time deciphering what he was singing but it's sorta the point i think. garagey new york goodness. that's kyle from ladybug on keys. he was everywhere last was my crazy angle of gary singing. i saw them last year with a slightly different line-up but they sound the same - upbeat and fancy free. i was revisiting the daytrotter session they did and reread the article on them. they are friends with chris deaner, who i actually met through tobin. six degrees of ladybug!
shar hearts kelly because she gives high fives before performances and asks if we are going to dance. uhh, eff yeah we are dancing. we had a sing along with "nice fox" with great crowd vocals seranding "and it don't mean nothing at all".
man crush come true: mike has a crush on jens. so last night, or rather earlier this morning, his wish came true. i was just there for the ride. thanks saki for being photog.

i asked jens how long he was deejaying. he said one of the cd trays was not opening. i think he was a bit flustered about the situation
and the transits were not pretty. we still love you jens, especially when you sing along to your set. as if you couldn't get more adorable, you do.

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