Sunday, October 26, 2008

bikes back

long awaited return: shangra-li fuji purple goodness*. thanks to mike's spare mountain bike tires and the fine folks at dixon's, shar's bike is back on track. i blew out my back tire earlier this month. this made me uber sad, but i finally got myself to a bike shop to get it repaired. the bike station on vanderbilt which was my first choice had closed or i would have done it sooner. i upgraded my bike with a basket and lights. fancy, no? i have to bike down to red hook as orginally planned before the blow out. i wish stumptown would open already. maybe a visit to saki's?

*goodness =
when i went to pick up my bike another customer was like that's a funny looking bike and i had to answer it's mine. funny looking = unique :)


milo said...

hey thats great news! i'm glad the tires worked out

sharock said...

you rule and i still owe you more beer!

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