Saturday, October 4, 2008

brooklyn, brooklyn

best final bike ride for now: prospect heights to bushwick. my purple shangra-lai fugi has been asking me to ride it and i was happy to today. zaid had us over for marie antoinette brunch. i got some air in the tires and off i went. when i decided after brunch to continue my cycling goodness to red hook, i discovered my back tire was done. it had apparently blown out. good thing i made it to zaid's. no bicycle fun club for me. can anyone tell me a good place to get a 26 x 1.75 in bk? thanks! bonus goes to jac for escorting me and fugi back to my place.

exhibit to ponder: gilbert & george at brooklyn museum. it was first saturday so i got in on some free museuming to check out the brit duo. they had a show at the de young earlier in the year. that's the first time i was clued into them. i still have mixed feelings about their work. i'm a fan of the singing sculpture and the general jungle, but not a huge fan of death hope life fear pieces. check it out and you be the judge. it's up at the brooklyn museum until january 11.

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