Monday, October 6, 2008

dept. of eagles @ bell house

possible best new venue: bell house. brought to you by the owners of union hall. this venue at 7th and 3rd ave is a treat to boot. it's got a lush reds and golden chandeliers. no bell tho. they do have a portrait of a water buffalo. the venue is roomy and favors a wide layout with elevated bar stage left. i've decided i wanna come drink here lots. jason is down. are you?
next best thing to bookeaters: department of eagles at bell house. twas a sold out show and rightly so for the first full band gig. they are playing the bookeater's event tomorrow, but it's bit too money for my pocketbook. for those of you richer than i, pls help out 826 nyc. anyhoot, i got in on some dept of eagles goodness. daniel and fred were precious. fred was extra self-depreciating. they played my fav "no one does it like you". way better live than what i saw on conan. daniel showed some bro love to ed by covering jo jo's "too little too late". i think most of the indie kids couldn't place it but shar's magical teeny pop encyclopedia of a head remembered that catchy chorus. daniel acknowledged that he didn't write and it was a bad song. pop tunes by indie bands rule. p.s. chris bear was adorable on drums.
indie rock sighting: sondre lerche. i didn't notice him until some fellow concert goer mentioned what a good show he put on. i know he was at a norwegian festival on saturday for a post run concert.

he was with a charming brunette pixie.
they looked uber cutes together. he was just as petite as the last time i saw in him concert 4 years ago.

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kristin farr said...

what? Sondre at cafe du norde 4 years ago? are you telling me we were at another concert together unknowingly?

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