Thursday, October 9, 2008

shar misses tv

belated guest star realization: gale harrold (aka brian kinney of QAF) on desperate housewives. i was flipping channels this weekend. lo and behold one of my fav leading men on the screen in bed with teri hatcher. whaaaa? i haven't watched desperate housewives since the first season. in fact, i haven't really been watching much tv since i've moved. it's sad. i miss tv.

oh glowing light box. i used to have an insane schedule for you and i used to use this thing called a vcr to record shows i was missing live. anyhoot, i'm glad to see gale and happy abc posts episodes online because i can just fast forward to gale moments and avoid all the other meaningless storylines.

show i desperately need to catch up on: iasip. oh mac, charlie, dennis and sweet dee. i miss you. your dumbass antics and un pc moves. you're so baad, you're gooood. i have an entire season to get through and then the current season. i blame john for getting me hooked. thanks john!

recent tv obsession: mad men. thanks virgina! another show i need to watch. the writing on this recent emmy winning drama is steller and plot twist galore. that's my kind of show. i'm trying to shield myself from the storylines of season two, but i can't help but read the previews in tony. will be my my new bff.

notable tv show taping: flight of the conchords. turns out jermaine and bret were around the corner form the my work taping a future episode. sighted were anti-crazy doggz signs.

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