Thursday, November 6, 2008

greenest museum to systematic landscapes

greenest museum in the world: cal academy of sciences.  so i have been saying how i've been dying to check this place out and i was lucky enough to on tuesday.  the rain forest, planetarium and roof were ahhhhmazing.  check it.
the place was a buzz even on a weekday.  i had heard that there are crazy lines on weekends to get in the rainforest and planetarium.  it was nice to see familiar items that once were at the original cal academy when i was a wee tot, like the pendulum and seahorses.  i was bummed i missed out on seeing my pal charmagne's cube.  she designed the fancy t-shirt you can get in the giftshop.  it's sweeeet!

must exhibit after the cal academy: maya lin's systematic landscapes.  i don't know too much about maya lin except for her design the vet memorial in dc.  her current exhibit at the de young was a mastery of space and construction.  


Andy Joe said...
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Andy Joe said...

Glad you had a nice visit. I made the semi-mistake of going on a rainy weekend. Wall-to-wall people... with all those glass walls, it was like we were the exhibit, packed in there like a human ant farm.

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