Saturday, November 22, 2008

horse feathers, rosewood thieves and small sur @ union hall

best pre-concert activity: faux-fireplace time at union hall. jason and i snaked this primo spot yesterday and the gang reaped the benefits of the hearth.
must soundtrack for this blistery weather: horse feathers, rosewood thieves and small sur. all three bands are special shar finds. small sur was one thanks to npr's second stage. their track "everyone" stuck with me since late october. the haunting beginnings, "oh everyone, oh everyone" seem to come out of my lips randomly in the day. they rocked the basement of union hall with their mellow folk.

next up
was rosewood thieves, who found me on myspace. i'm not a huge adder of random bands, but something about their tunes got to me. maybe it's their rollicking sound. also doesn't mackenzie on keys look like shelley duvall? (mike pointed that out.) and i think that lead vocalist erick resembles alex turner from artic monkeys and the last shadow puppets.

the headliner horse feathers was an absolute treat. i've been keeping an eye on them since i heard their sesh on daytrotter. omr compared them to iron & wine which is pretty spot on. lead justin ringle lulls sweet lyrics to tenderly strummed acoustic guitar, with backing strings and sometimes saw. he is another justin after my indie rock heart's of heart.


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