Tuesday, November 11, 2008

top 10 days in the sf bay

11/1: housewarming "let's build a grill" at jenn and steve's
11/3: day with my brother, which featured santa ramen and body of lies
11/4: election special day = voting + academy of sciences + de young + san jose sharks
11/5: day at the Q. dude i miss the folks at the Q. craig brought in celebratory obama ribs as promised. marie and kristin introduced me to cupcake wednesdays
11/6: pre-wedding errands with cyn, followed by HMB beer at cameron's and dinner with angelina at cetrella
11/7: iris and jeru time. jeru wasn't born b4 early august, so i had to met him now. he rules and is named after the miles davis song. AWESOME!
11/8: maorning farmers market selling stace's local and mostly organic sweets. then, cyn and ryan's wedding = ucsd reunion
11/9: day with heidi, liana and janet, featuring park life, q and let the right one in. i love that my pals are down for a swedish vampire flick. you gals rule. i missed it at tribeca film fest and glad you indulged in my bloody obsession. end the eveing with good ol' snf with the rents.
11/10: walk down market and embarcadero for visit with the fine folks at the osher foundation

sorry to all those that i didn't see or didn't spend ample time with. i'll try to be better next time.

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