Sunday, November 16, 2008

truly old timey nyc

must nyc high kicks: rockettes at radio city music hall. i've been dying to see them since i saw them in annie. you know the part when they come out of the movie reel for "let's go to the movies"? the bff was in town last year around this time and we were thinking of going to the christmas spectacular. sorry leigh-anne, i went without you. i got tix through work at a discount. it was a little weird to go this early for a christmas show. it was a little cheesy, but the rockettes more than made up for it. a new york tradition in a truly historic venue. radio city kinda reminds me of the paramount in oakland. old timey, depression era feel.

most fitting follow-up to radio city music hall: ziegfeld theatre for quantum of solace. okay, it's not the original ziegfeld, but close riiiight? the film in my opinion wasn't as great as casino royale. you get all the great action sequences, but the story was a bit lacking. i blame paul haggis.
after the show, i had me a gin martini shakin' not stirred with a twist to really get in the 007 mood. thanks eric for indulging me.


kristin farr said...

"let's go see the staaaa-aaaars..."
annie is my fave movie.
nice photo of the rockettes! looks fun. they got leggs.

sharock said...

i have the record to annie and i used to have this red sweater i would wear all the time.

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