Wednesday, December 10, 2008

bon iver @ town hall

artist that just gets better: bon iver. okay, i was pretty blown away and i had already had the opportunity to see him pre-blow-up. i wasn't sure if he could up that first time, but he did. wow, oh wow! even though i was seated in the heights of the loge, mike and i were lucky enough to be on the side justin was playing on. justin and gang ran through "for emma" and the new ep "blood bank". this was the
set list:

  • flume
  • lump sum
  • for emma
  • beach baby
  • blood bank
  • skinney love
  • creature fear
  • re. stacks
  • wolves
i was afraid and i don't know why i doubt bon iver, but i was scared. i thought the massive love for bon iver would kill my love for him. he has made a ton of top 10 lists, but surprisingly came away with little backlash, or little that i know of. i sorta think of tonight's performance as that sweater you borrowed from your boyfriend that you wore all the time and kinda forgot about. it's still there. you love it. it's like a security blanket of coziness. bon iver is wintry knit goodness. so good i set my alarm to wake me up to watch his performance on letterman. shar's lame sleeps by midnight and can't stay up that extra 25 minutes. she sleeps and gets up again for bon iver warmth. yes, i can sleep in that lil span of time. i'm a professional power napper.

thanks mike!

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