Tuesday, December 2, 2008

diorama tuesday

must first tuesday activity: diorama tuesdays at freddy's. i've been meaning to hit up the my local bar for this arts and crafts night. what's better than beer and scissors? jac came along and we went at it. theme = holiday spectacular. i got shut out of the pond at bryant pond so decided to make my diorama based on what i couldn't have today. it turned out like this:here's jac's, which was a lil girl with christmas dreams of lizzy macguire and ballet. check out the giant peering in.
jac was the winner even though we didn't think there was a prize. look how much jac enjoyed it.


jac said...

hee new profile pic!

sharock said...


kristin farr said...

i love dioramas! have you seen mine?

(sorry for the shameless plug)

your diorama kicks.

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