Sunday, January 4, 2009

masterpiece is back!!!

best return of a fav series: masterpiece theater. shar is uber psyched for masterpiece goodness. i grew up on these costume dramas imported from overseas. this is prolly why i have anglophile sensibilites. the new season looks promising with tonight's tess of the d'ubervilles, a new adaptation of wuthering heights, and a dickens review.

doesn't tess look familar? she's the bond gal that sadly died soaked in oil from QOS. also familiar, if you are a masterpiece geek like myself, the gentleman who plays alec was dr. zhivago in the last adaption staring one ms. kiera knightley. hans matheson plays a devilish cad after the fair tess. poor tess! she had the best comeback line - "i feel nothing for you. you are just dust and ashes." that's eff you in victorian times. i'm nervous to watch part two next week. doesn't look like a happy ending.


Granny Two Shoes said...

Thank You For Sharing

Virginia said...

Oh dude, I totally watched this last night! I'm a neanderthal and not at all caught up on the classics, so I never read the book, which means I can't wait to see what happens next!!!!! I love Gemma's cute high pitched voice. And a great actress too.

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