Sunday, January 4, 2009

nfl wildcard wrap-up

most in need of a hug from shar: chad pennington. shar hearts chad and was uber happy when he beat his former team, the jets, last week. too bad he wasn't as fab this week, throwing 4 interceptions. OUCH! it's okay shar still hearts you. come here and let's hug it out.

reason shar should eat her words: arizona 30, atlanta 24. so in a post last week, shar might have said something about the cardinals being unworthy of representing the NFC west. yeeeah, they kinda came through yesterday. i was not expecting that at all. so glad pigskin pick'ems end after the regular season.

sorely missed game of the weekend: san diego versus indy. sad, sad i missed this must see match-up. i blame swoon and lbb. all i saw was LT warming up at qualcomm. heard he didn't play the second half, but it came down to OT and a 22-yard touchdown run for darren sproules. wish i saw how it all panned out.

better than expected performance: minnesota vikings. with most of their defensive line out, i was expecting brian westbrook to run wild this game. they were able to contain him for most of the game until he got that 71-yard TD in the fourth. good try vikings. shar's looking forward to next weekend's match-up between the giants and eagles.

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