Saturday, February 28, 2009

blitzen trapper @ bowery ballroom

best oregon band to get your rock on southern style: blitzen trapper. i heard about this outfit from my usual suspects npr and daytrotter. they make comparisons to the allman brothers and the dead, but i kinda think they remind me of lynyrd skynyrd. i have to admit that i am more a fan of the recent furr. i like a good rollicking time, but i'm more a roll up into a folksy ballad type with flannel of course. i recommend listening to their most recent daytrotter session. they also did several more seshes. there's a good unreleased track, "jericho" here, a christmas tune here, and another fav "stolen shoes" is here.

mark your calendars! on march 19 npr is streaming a sxsw showcase with blitzen, dirty projectors, k'naan, blk jks, blind pilot and thao nguyen and the get down stay down.

here are more pics to enjoy. complete with michael on washboard accompanied with moose, close up of eric, and marty and drew shakin' the maracas. i want to put up the live recording of "furr", but i don't know a good, no fuss audio hoster. thoughts people? you will be rewarded with a decent recording with bird chirps.

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