Friday, February 27, 2009

return of fltgc

long awaited return of fltgc: glowlab and deitch. glowlab is a new tiny, one room gallery just steps from my work. thanks kristin for letting know about it. apparently glowlab is uber cool and sneeked pieces of art in random dailies boxes. i've been on the look out but nada for the past couple weeks. anyhoot, i caught the glowlounge new artists show before it closes this sunday. jac was quite taken by mark price's take care. he has lots of cool stuff on his site.

we continued our crawl to stephen sprouse's rock on mars.

i haven't seen deitch wooster use the whole space for an exhibit in a while. they utilized the ground floor for a uber fun black light gallery. that's fuzzy me and laura admiring the fashions.

more shots of main floor and polaroid gallery on loft space.

polaroids of debbie harry, anthony kiedis and flea when they were soooooo young.

last stop was deitch grand that housed the delightfully colorful ben jones' the new dark age. this was sooo cute and i had to shot it.

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