Friday, February 27, 2009

p-bingo part deux

reason why it's never good as the first time: p-bingo with punch brothers at the living room. not sure if it's because word is getting out about this unique residency, but last night didn't live up to their first set last month. special guests sometymes why added a feminine touch but not enough to win me over. it just made me miss sara.

notable set covers and happenings:
- chris spilling whiskey on his mandolin before even starting the set
- chris' balkan dance moves
- pickles covering a prince song that i can't remember the name of
- mozart to end the first set
- chris rockin' his mandolin like a fender on a cover of a welsh punk band's song
- final song cover of fiona apple's "fast as you can". chris must of learned it on the nickel creek farewell tour when fiona openned for them.
- happy birthday pickles.

apologies that this post is kinda not detailed, but maybe others (ahem virginia, cough karen, psst julia) will comment to help fill in the blanks or i'm sure the punch bros will post a blog soon here.

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