Friday, January 16, 2009

p-bingo with punch brothers @ the living room

best late night non-bingo event: punch brothers hosting p-bingo at the living room. fun indeed was had at the first, of hopefully many shows, for their new residency at the living room. i came by to support the greatest mandolin player of our generation, chris thile. we have chris of nickel creek, but the watkins remain mostly on the west coast. sigh, i miss nickel creek.
the boys were merry and full of good cheer. they came prepared with both third and fourth movements of "the blind leading the blind". (there's a good session of blb on daytrotter - second song) i thoroughly enjoyed the new material of a yet to be titled song, which had the bewitching chorus that rang, "these girls, these girls get a room behind us." banjo player noam (pickles) pikelny "sang" weezer's "hash pipe" with lyric book in hand.
the flyer, which you will see if you click on "p-bingo" above, stipulates radiohead and d'angelo material. violinist gabriel (the judge) witcher tackled d'angelo's "one mo'gin" with the help of mr. thile's backup vocals. gabe's falsetto was tribute to d'angelo's soulful voice in my book.

here is chris covering radiohead's "faust arp"

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