Monday, January 19, 2009

sharocks montauk

price of r/t ticket from flatbush to montauk: $30.50
hours on LIRR: 6
hours in montauk: 4
number of times shar stepped into a ice covered puddle: too many to count
(apparently this lake was frozen over enough to skate on. i wish i brought my skates.)
number of deer spotted: 3
number of surfers in the ocean: 5

reenacting eternal sunshine of the spotless mind: priceless


jac said...

haha! you finally did it! looked cold, but since you're so tough, i'm sure all you wore was your puffy vest. did you go to dan flavin's house too?

sharock said...

no dan flavin house. closed for the season. have to add that on my list.

milo said...

i'm curious- it this list getting bigger or smaller?

sharock said...

both? varies with time.

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