Sunday, March 15, 2009

amazing race: still the best reality show period!

best reality show: amazing race. i've loved this show for years and years, so much i've tried out not once but twice for the show. i've been bad about keeping up with it in the past year, but i just finished the first four episodes this season. man, oh man is it good. there isn't a clear front runner with four different winners after the end of each leg. one of the strongest teams, amanda and kris, fell to the new blind u-turn. oh snap!

i was first miffed to see that mike white was on this show. i was not a fan of all star amazing race when they brought on rob and amber from survivor. for them to bring on a legitimate celebrity in mr. white was a bit much, but he won me over. he is so down to earth and what his dad says about him is so true. he isn't your la type and fame doesn't seem to have changed him. check him out in the leotard. awesome!

the other team i have a love-hate relationship with is tammy and victor. they perpetuate the stereotypical type-a asian i dislike mainly because i've been held to that comparison all my life. i'm not a lawyer, and i didn't go to an ivy league school. i am glad my older brother isn't victor tho. my brother doesn't boss me around, but i'm hoping to see tammy grow into a more assertive sibling. big brother status goes only so far. lastly, for a gal who practices yoga i'm disappointed she wasn't able to focus and plow through the gymnastics. point to this underachieving, non-ivy league asian for being able to do a cartwheel.

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D8R Girl said...

Ah yes...that was a fun day, shooting our audition video. I miss you bunches! XOXO

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