Saturday, March 14, 2009

roosevelt island yo!

best i'm a tourist in my own state: ride the tram to roosevelt island. jenni put the awesome idea in my head to ride the tramway. it is on the ny to do list, so we finally made it out today to ride it. totally fun! it's like an adult amusement park ride really. plus, it's covered by your mta metrocard. we splurged 25 cents for the red bus. we rode the entire route south to north, which was like 10-15 minutes roundtrip. awesome! one will see the lic costco and the farmers market under the bridge.

here's a view of the north from the tram.

must after tram eats: patsy's. i've been meaning to try this pizza since i heard the folks from grimaldi's started there. it was aight, but not grimaldi's. it definitely satisfied my pizza craving tho. then, jenni came up with the brilliant idea to have dessert at levain bakery for some awesome cookies that she dreamt about the night before. seriously these cookie were not to be missed and we totally ate them. YUM!

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N A M E S A K E said...

whoa, i got to do this! so close to home

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