Friday, March 13, 2009

fltgc: jack hanley, cheryl hazen & apex arts

much belated gallery visit: jack hanley gallery. i've heard nothing but good things about the place and i finally made it out. i was reminded of the space and the close proximity of it to my work when i was the armory this weekend. there was no more delaying this visit. jac couldn't make the visit, but i was able to convince linda to come along. it was a group show featuring:

fia backstrom, poetry and pottery

stephen kaltenbach, fellow californian

lastly there was an endearing video by mario garcia torres' a brief history of jimmie johnson's legency.

unexpected fltgc destination:
cheryl hazan. i would not normally go into this gallery. it's a little too commercial for my taste, but it was on the way to apex. i was drawn to the new artist, new works exhibit. i really like these mailbox like pieces that i can't recall the name of the artist and it's not posted on the gallery's site.

preview to next week's fltgc: kick my heart's ass at apex arts. i haven't been to apex since eggers' show. these short films about heartbreak reminded me why i love this space. i didn't have enough time to really view all the films. i spent most my time in booth 2, featuring david meiklejohn's dress rehearsal. i did not finish. i really want to see brett loudermilk, jessica sanders and jenny owen youngs pieces. booths 1 and 4 seemed the most popular tho.

here is linda enjoying booth 2.

apex rules because they are giving out free totes to advertise the place. simple, colorful totes with " big bag small space" printed on them. SCORE! i also got this from the exhibit which is a perfect description of mine:


Enoch said...

Hey! This is David Meiklejohn. Thanks for checking out my video at the apexart show! That photo of your friend watching DRESS REHEARSAL makes me so incredibly happy.

If you want more of those My Heart Is An Idiot pins, email me your mailing address and I'll send you a bunch for you and your friends.

Thanks again!

myheartisanidiot (a)

Anonymous said...

yeah, apexart is really a cool place. i always check it out when i'm in new york. wish there was such a diverse venue in my small town!
and did you see their great website?

sharock said...

thanks david! i might just hit you up for some more buttons! they rule.

anonymous, the apex site rocks my world. no fancy schmacy design, just pure grassrootsy goodness.

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