Sunday, March 8, 2009

art overload: armory show

must art overload: armory show. i heard about this monolith of art last year when i was at the moma attending an art talk. i'm soooo glad i got there early with matilda because after an hour the place was significantly more crowded and stuffy. i was bad and forgot my camera. really i suck, but pal adam took some good pics yesterday. tis true, there was a bunch of marcel dzama and chris johanson. also a lot of diane arbus, including this print at white cube. here is a just a rundown of what struck my fancy:

best overheard art inside: richard heller talking about how he got his early dzama for $40 a piece. he said and I quote, "best deal i ever got." looks like his gallery has some great stuff, like pieces by devendra banhart, dan clowes, evah fan and mel kadel. i was originally draw to his booth because of masahiko kuwahara's work. looks like dreamy art fit for a nursery.

choice celeb sighting: glenn close (#14). she was at the modern wing of the armory show at pier 92 speaking the rep at maxwell davidson. she was fresh faced with no make-up, but still looked great.

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jac said...

sue and i ended up sitting down for at least 30 min, and thoroughly enjoyed the fashion show of people watching! lots of good stuff, one questionable jumpsuit, and tons of cute bags. :)

i'm sad i missed dzama! but my faves were the kara walkers too!

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