Saturday, March 7, 2009

day at the races

must new york to do: aqueduct racetrack. this has been on my to do list since i moved to new york. my pal holly (aka lensjockey) shoots ahmazing photos of jockeys. she rules! she's always told me how cool it is, and it was. the place is kind of a rundown track but manages to bring an ecletic mix of people from fancy old money horse owners to your working class gambler. holly was a doll and let me tag along while she did her thing.

i caught races 7-9, which holly's photog pal adam said were the best. apparently, #9 was the race of the day and a warm up to the derby. the purse was a cool quarter mil. guess what? the winning horsey was from...wait for it...cali! check out i want revenge in action.

best introduction: barbara livingston. on our way out, holly ran into barbara. she was so nice and introduced herself to me. i had no idea who she was, but babs happens to be one of the premier horseracing photographers in thoroughbred racing. whoa!

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Anonymous said...

hey sharocks! go-go sharocks!

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