Friday, March 6, 2009

fltcg: jakob kolding @ team gallery

best fltgc return: team gallery. i haven't been to team since i had my run in with ryan mcginley. i was walking on grand and the artwork in there caught my eye yesterday, so i deemed it today's fltgc. today was a solo effort because co-founder jac was stuck in meetings and the rest of the crew was mia. no worries fltgc carries on with jakob kolding's memories of the future. jakob is danish, and you know shar is a dane fan. his works are urban collages that mish mashes hip hop, cityscapes, skateboarding and random fun. i liked it a lot, especially since he included sha rock (the monkier i kinda copied). you can maybe see her. she's in teh piece above in the lower right hand corner. she is donning her famous "i'm sha rock an can't be stopped" sweatshirt. go to team they have free posters. i got 3. i'm greedy.

1 comment:

jac said...

oink oink! you greedy little pig!

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