Tuesday, March 31, 2009

blind pilot @ mercury lounge

most modest, yet totally awesome performance: blind pilot at mercury lounge. i was highly anticipating this show after i heard their gig at sxsw via npr. so israel nebeker reminds me of a cross between jack johnson and blake mycoskie, founder of my fav footwear - toms. the band is uber humble even commenting on how the kids in new yorkers dress better them. i don't mind it. i love when bands are casual and chill. i hate when bands try too hard with their outfits. if they are going to dress up, go all out and totally into an avante garde way (ie. of montreal).

best rescue:
katie claborn. israel broke his guitar strap and katie sang a cover of a song that she did not name. :( she rocked the ukulele, which she apologized for being out of tune. her voice resonated a lovely twang that made me want to don cowboy boots and a fancy belt. it was revealed that she wasn't from oregon when the crowd continued to yell "PORTLAND!" i joined in with a "stumptown!" the guys in the back continued with what high school they went to, and katie confessed she was canadian ay.

must take away:
blind pilot set list. yup, i did it, so did saki and hanna. i love that it's a spiral notebook on college ruled binder paper. they
encored their new song "we are the tide". they sandwiched the show with new tunes starting with "white apple". heart, heart, heart them.

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