Monday, March 30, 2009

first saturday - be there

must saturday evening event: first saturday at brooklyn museum. i've been meaning to check out the hernan bas exhibit. good ol' roomie mollie reminded me it was the first saturday of the month this weekend. bff leigh-anne is in town, so she will be in tow. if you are interested, hit me up and maybe we can meet on the dance floor for some swing.

still not convinced? check me, mel and bill out at the last attended first saturday. us in line at 13 sec mark and bill profile at 35 secs. now that is what i call fuuuuuun.


Melanie said...

ooh good idea! jill's in town too. maybe i can rustle her and bill (and jac!) up.

kristin farr said...

omg! so cool! i saw Shar in line! did you get a print?
have you been reading about Swoon's Swimming Cities adventures in Slovenia? hardcore!

sharock said...

sure did - see!

swoon in slovenia. whaaaa?

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