Sunday, March 29, 2009

washington dc weekend

saturday night game time extravaganza: wizards vs. pistons. so i wanted to see a nationals game, but realized that it's still spring training. grace's friend and now my friend leonard had sweet tickets to the wizards game. we got to watch at the acela club. that's buffet dinner and basketball. shar can't complain about that. plus, i got to see former warriors antawn jamison and gilbert arenas. it was arenas' first game back. even though they lost 96-98 i had a blast. here's the view of agent 0 shooting a free throw from the acela club.

belated club visit: black cat. i've been meaning to check out this venue for a while and finally made it post-game. too bad there wasn't a band i knew playing. anyhow, i'll be back for a show, but the bar is all sorts of divey goodness. with sticky tables and underage girls making out with each other for attention. it's what i call a fine establishment. speaking of black cats, i encounter this sad one on my way to work on today. i ended up losing my wmta card. serves me right for crossing a death black cat's path. i dunno. there was something heartbreaking beautiful in this death of a kitty. am i mean? this sure ain't icanhascheezburger.

return to a tourist fav: 97th annual cherry blossom festival. i headed down to independence avenue after work. i haven't been back to the festival since 2000 when i was an intern. it's was ahhhmazing. i'll let the photos speak for themselves.

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grace said...

thanks for playing, shar!!! i'm also so glad the weather was good so that you could see the lovely lovely cherry blossoms! tbe weather since then has been crappy. blech~ oh well~ see you soon!

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