Friday, March 27, 2009

fltgc: ryan mcginness @ deitch

fltgc (international session): ryan mcginness @ deitch with international fltgc guest julie and zaid. zaid has been a back to back fltgc cohort, while co founder jac has been mia. canadian julie flew in yesterday and trekked down albeit a tiny bit hungover. i think the fresh air and colors helped. zaid was impressed by the use of familiar symbology. he said the last time he was at deitch he saw ryan's work there. i think it was for the garden party.

my fav
zaid's fav


jac said...

hey now, i went last friday with laura to 'kick my ass' hear' -- just a little later than you and zaid. AND i got one of those 'my heart's an idiot' pins... so i'm a johnny-come-lately. not entirely mia!

sharock said...

oh yes, but i was not there with you. we must reunite firday. your turn for gallery.

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