Thursday, March 26, 2009

friendly fires @ bowery

best short set dance party: friendly fires @ bowery ballroom. okay, it is rare when a show is on time at bowery, but it happened tonight for the first of two sold out ff shows. ed was in fine form just as i remembered from last time. i want to revise my description of ed's dancing to a more latiny paul rudd dance. lots of shoulder and hips. i was enjoying it too much and that i forgot to film it for you fine folks.

when my fav track "paris" came on though i was blocked by the amazon giant couple busting out the pda. way to ruin my song. booo! also, i was disappointed that ed and gang did not produce an encore. i was hoping to hear their cover of lykke li's "i'm good i'm gone" live. despite the short set, the boys got me groovin' even though i was super beat from the day. i think it has been decided (with saki confirmation) that mr. ed macfarlane is uber crushworthy for his aforementioned dance moves and he plays a mean bass. HOT!

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