Tuesday, October 21, 2008

lykke li @ MHOW

appropriate warm up to lykke li: friendly fires. these boys are fun and ed dances like a crazy hipster prepped out. i think they sound like a better verison of the killers. saki says a cross between mgmt and the cure. then mike said killers and the rapture. mel disagrees with the comparisons to the cure, mgmt and the rapture. more poppy so agrees with my a better version of the killers. you might have heard their single "on board" featured on the nintendo wii fit commercial. sorry saki i was wrong it wasn't "gossip girl". they got the crowd tapping there feet and ready for some lykke li goodness.
best dancer: lykke li. girl's got the moves. i have sweet video of her performing "dance dance dance", but having a hard time uploading that goodness. tips on how to make it happen would be great. i did get this pretty decent pic.

must encore:
"tonight" and tribe called quest cover of "can i kick it?". lykke gave us a treat. she didn't sing "tonight" the last time i saw her at joe's pub. i was real disappointed since it was the song that pretty much enamored me to her. she sang it on the kexp cmj session this afternoon too. last night it was sweet and the perfect indie lullaby before bed. you can download for the track for free on her site under "secret chapter".

to end the set of sets, lykke asked if we wanted something special and the crowd roared. she busts out the TCQ. with call and response. "can i kick it?" "yes you can!" billyburg hipsters aren't so into the ol' school hip hop. i think they freaked out more when the band broke into vampire weekend's "cape cod kwassa kwassa" mashed with "dance dance dance". what a shame. i was hoping for some of this action.

questionable star sighting (#12): randy harrison (aka justin of QAF). jac recognized him at the bar, and I literally went to check it out. i had to. wassup with all my QAF men coming back in my life? first gale on desperate housewives. p.s. get well soon gale.


N A M E S A K E said...

i like your blog.

sharock said...

awww thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you mind if I ask if it really WAS Randy at the bar? Thanks :)

sharock said...

pretty sure it was him. he tried to avoid eye contact when i was at the bar. he lives in nyc when he isn't working, so i'm 99% sure it was him.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply :)

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