Thursday, May 8, 2008

el perro del mar w/ lykke li @ joe's pub

best swedish girl power representation: el perro del mar, lykke li and anna ternheim at joe's pub. it was the second stop of the tour and the first show in new york. girl power was in force and from anna's intel there have not been any cat fights yet. anna started off with a guitar, piano and an ipod (her band). lykke li tried to get the crowd dancing, but the joe's pub is a largely sit down cabaret affair. el perro del mar was more lively than i was expecting since the new album is more sleepy. she managed to keep me up with lots of tunes from her self-titled first album.

best dressed dancer: lykke li. the girl can dress. she sported high waisted black wide legged pants with $600 wedges. the value was confimed by mel, who is the shoe admirer. lykke paired the pants and wedges with a wide neck boxy tee. can you tell i'm not a fashionista? she had a slew of
gold chains with big arse charms, on of which was a peace sign. I found a pic of it from SXSW.the pants and shirt served to accent her swirly hip movements. lykke was a treat and for those of you going to the bowery show tonight are in for a treat. dance, dance, dance!

best encore: el perro and del mar and lykke li covering wendy rene's after laughter. it's a old school r&b/soul ditty that i am now in love with. thanks for swedes introducing me to new oldies. apparently, alicia keys recently covered the same tune on her recent album (track 11).

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