Saturday, May 3, 2008

feat of the day

feat of the day: great saunter. completed miles = 32. i can say that i have walked the entire rim of manhattan and now have 4 blisters to prove it. go me! jac had the grand plan to do this and when time came to walk i was the only one registered with her. the great thing is along the way we had friends walk part of it with us. it was a great boast of moral support.

first, julia joined us from 145th and walked with us to inwood. she was a superstar and brought us vitamin water - endurance flavor. quite, jenni stop by at 78th to join us on the east side until 63rd. she was sore from a class the day before but she was a trooper and added much needed cheer.
lastly, mel joined in at 39th and walked with us to the very end to south street seaport, where we started at 7:30 am. she treated us to beer and appetizers at heartland brewery.
meal of the day: el sol del cilone. man, all we wanted was some mexican/dominican food in inwood. they are known for it. so we went off the path for lunch to discover this find. this is what jac ate for $5.50 and we got corona in a wine glass. CLASSY!

weirdest path on the great saunter: so as the whole dealio with the great saunter is to walk the rim of the island of manhattan you can expect a very interesting route. some directions required us to walk over and under bridges. some told us to make a "hairpin" turn. other directions warned us about oncoming traffic, and sometimes they neglected to warn us about traffic. thanks shorewalkers. BUT, the greatest direction they gave us was to walk through a construction site in harlem. AWESOME! not really, but it was amusing to walk in an area where is was obviously restricted and hard hats were mandatory. yup, we didn't have those or boots. oh well, this is me posing with the "safety sign." it's ironic, no?
my fav moment of the saunter:

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