Friday, May 9, 2008


return of friday lunch time gallery crawl: for one reason or another we haven't had a crawl for a few weeks, but it continued today at artist space. jac picked this one is twas fun and eclectic. jac was wooed by the new normal exhibit, but i end up really liking christa blatchford's see around which has video of shorelines and white tuffets to sit on to enjoy the waves.

site you should check out if you like assignments: i learned about this site from a piece at artist space. assignment #50 was on display and there was the cutest pic of a kitten. so cute and tiny. too bad jac didn't have her camera to capture it.

fltgc preview: on our way to artist space we popped into deitch to see the dubossarsky and vinogradov's the new people are already here exhibit, but we were molded because it doesn't open until 6pm tonight. they were still installing bits of it. next friday! deitch - grand street! be there!

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