Sunday, May 11, 2008

murakami mother's day

best spot to spend mother's day:
brooklyn museum. strollers were rampant at the museum and i even saw a stroller docking section in the murakami exhibit. the exhibit isn't rated pg, but most of the pieces are exploding with cuteness. you can't help but enjoy.

revelation of the day: murakami designed the cover of kayne west's "graduation" album. i recognized the anime-like style and i should know kanye's keen eye for style and design that he would enlist murikami's talents for an album cover. shame on shar for not knowing.

second best accomplishment for mother's day: after calling mom and wishing her best wishes for the day and how i would make it up to her later this month when i'm home, i did a little something for my other mom - mother earth. that was cheesy, huh? well, i love me the environment and i FINALLY found a place to recycle plastic bags. i was ecstatic. my pet peeve is the crazy multiplication of plastic bags in my apartment even though i make a conscious effort not to take bags and always have my tote. so when i saw the barrel for plastic bag recycling you can just imagine my elation. i stuffed those suckers nice a good. if you want to do want to give mother earth a hug, the barrel is on baltic and smith in brooklyn.

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