Wednesday, March 25, 2009

das rheingold: finally the fat lady sings

must un-indie rock musical experience: das rheingold at the met. i've wanted to see this since my friend craig brought it up, from one culture vulture to another. he said i had to see it and that it was a once in a lifetime experience. i do not doubt craig. i just do. so when i heard the met was putting it on, i was on it. lil, tiny problem with tickets for the ring cycle though. they are bank. i am a lady of little means, so i wrote the fine people at the met offering my awesome ushering skillz to see the grand production. not takers on my ushering offer, but they pointed me to standing room tickets and rush. got a pair of standing room tickets and pal dean was down to stand with. he is a true gent. i must say i enjoyed the first half over the second, but dean enjoyed it in it's entirety even though we had to stand the whole time. who's down for die walkure? won't be standing for this one.

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