Saturday, April 4, 2009

first saturday: brooklyn museum

belated fltgc: first saturday at brooklyn museum. i wasn't active for fltgc on friday so i had one today. i had been meaning to hit up brooklyn museum for the hernan bas exhibit. it was, to say the least, more than i was expecting and than some. i was only really familiar with bas' paintings, but was thoroughly impressed by his mixed media, especially with "fuji mermaids" (right).

from bas, we ventured to the gustave caillebotte exhibit. i hadn't been entirely familiar with the artist though i am an impressionist fan. he definitely reminded me of my other favs monet, renoir and degas but with a nautical slant. mollie was sadden when her favorite of his paintings was not on view.

lastly, we saw sun k. kwak's enfolding 280 hours. the use of space and medium blew my mind. ms. kwak spread the space with black masking tape, creating stark expanses of zebra-like stripes and waves of smokey darkness. pink was kinda right. there is a cutting out of negative space from black, but sun mostly extracted black masking tape as she went along. look! i caught a pic of the artist after a 1st fans tour.

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kristin farr said...

nice write-up! i'm enjoying vnygc: vicarious new york gallery crawl.

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