Thursday, April 9, 2009

rachael yamagata @ city winery

must grown up venue: city winery. this venue is a couple blocks from my work, so i was jazzed when i heard that rachael yamagata was playing. i know she was here for cmj, but i don't like the grouped up showcases. i like her headlining because with a smokey voice like her's she deserves the spotlight. it's been like 5 years since i saw her at slim's, so i was excited to her her newer stuff and her oldies.

unfortunately, it was a hybrid headliner with dan wilson (known for semisonic fame), which meant less time for ms. yamagata. i did appreciate the dichotomy of optimism and pessimism in the road to love. i appreciate rachael's "failed relationship" compositions more. she played "be be your love", "elephants", "happenstance", "faster", "i want you" and a cover with dan of "closing time".

most missed concert buddy: julie. i wish julie was not in van because i know she would have been at the concert with me tonight. julie is awesome. first time i met her, she got me up close and personal with the new pornographers. i shall never forget it. miss ya!!!

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