Friday, April 10, 2009

fltgc: glowlab, location one & artists space

best preview of a future fltgc: david kesting @ glowlab. i was killing time since zaid was running late to meet me at location one, so i popped into glowlab. mr. kesting was in house working on his art and its installation. i met christina ray, founder and director of glowlab. she was uber nice and welcoming of an art novice like myself. i told her about kristin, who told me about glowlab and prompted me to go in the first place.

david kesting's show opens thursday. april 16, 7-9pm. you should totally go. he will be signing his book utopia parkway. there will also be t-shirts on sale with his prints on them. i accidentally grabbed a sample book christina showed me, but i returned it within the hour. sorry glowlab for my sticky fingers! here is a preview of david's show:

christina's hands flipping through said book.

must viewing of air: laurie anderson's from the air @ location one. laurie was showing as a special exhibition in honor of location one's 10th anniversary. she uses 3D projection in from the air. sorry the picture doesn't do it justice. go down to location one to view the real deal. caution: the viewing space is pitch black with only the projection of laurie and her dog. if you suffer from achluophobia, i recommend opening the entrance curtain wide for light.

in her other installation, aleph, laurie concentrates sound into space located by a white circle on the floor. here is zaid demonstrating. it kinda looks like he is being abducted by aliens, huh?

belated fltgc staple: artists space. i haven't been back to artists space since the first time i went. i really enjoyed ilana halperin's lava medallions.

i also liked francesco simeti's colorful wallpaper.

lastly saul becker's nature preserves remind me of dr. seuss' the lorax.

i will be back for the black room premieres. i was really drawn to these posters. something about the simpleness and typeface. i'm sure catherine could provide a better description to my plain speak.

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