Saturday, May 2, 2009

crush of the month

crush of the month: blake mycoskie. he is the cutie that founded toms, which are my fav shoes. you should get a pair because they are the most comfiest shoes. ever want to wear slippers all day? you can with toms! more importantly, toms gives a pair of shoes to kids in argentina that don't have any. i'm looking into going on a shoe drop expedition to see the one for one in action. he has been getting a lot of press and his own at&t commercial (below). i've known about him since amazing race when him and his sister paige almost won. another reason he is dreamy. he is a fellow wunderlust.

1 comment:

grace said...

funny - our pastor met with him and talked about him the other week and i've since looked up ways i can incorporate a pair of toms of my own ^_^ totally crush-worthy!! hee hee~

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