Friday, May 1, 2009

fltgc: mel kadel

furtherest fltgc to date: nancy margolis gallery for mel kadel's sun days. this was a solo effort as it was a bit further than any other crawl we had done. i hopped on the C and up to the art mecca, ie. chelsea. i was introduced to mel's works by the loverily kristin. i saw her stuff last fall at cinders. i heart mel's stuff, and i kick myself for not splurging on a print last fall. sun days is a continuation of the explorations of her lil gal heroine traipsing through surreal feats in an abyss of holes and bursts of color. the color reminds me of dr. seuss.

is it wrong that i want "spacing out" (below) as my wall paper in my apartment? the piece is four grand. that's some pricey wallpaper.

i like how the glare of overhead lighting hit just the top of the lil gal's hands in "personal trophy"
sorry the pics are crappy. the lighting in the gallery is all glarey and the glass doesn't help either. you can view them better here or go see them in person. it's up until may 30.

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