Saturday, September 6, 2008

mel kadel @ cinders

must show: mel kadel at cinders gallery. oh my golly, her stuff is really ahmazing. (thanks kristin for the scoop) she does pretty small scale drawings on coffee stained paper, busting with colors that evoke suessian childhood memories. it's fun. it's crazy. it's cute. go see it, you won't be sorry. her opening last night was well attended. i really want her book that was on sale. maybe i might have to go back and get it.

most random tangent about coffee: stumptown coffee is coming to brooklyn. red hook to be exact. i am totally biking there for my coffee fix. i cannot wait. the store will be on van brunt. once this darn tropical storm stops i'm going to bike over to the hook for some ikea swedish meatballs. mmmmmm! then, once the stump is open. i'm there. you should be too.


kristin farr said...

omg i'm so happy you went!
mel kadel is amazing. was the book called "honey pool"? I recently got that one, it's beauteous.
i love how i get to live a NY life vicariously through you!
glad you got some sunnies at FF, too! you rock the NY spots.

sharock said...

awww, i wish you were here and not living vicariously through me. umm, there might be something fun in the post for you. i dunno. some lil birdie said so. i think the book WAS "honey pool". next time i come home i wanna see your's and be all jealous.

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