Saturday, May 9, 2009

mayer hawthorne @ le poisson rouge

much anticipated first listen: mayer hawthorne @ le poissson rouge. shar's had her heart set on a certain vinyl record in the shape of a heart by a certain kid from michigan. guess what? she finally has it. everyone asks if it actually plays. yup! appointments to see said heart-shape goodness action can be made here.

mayer was in town for the last stop of the stone's throw party and had plenty of heart shaped records. he threw down a great opening dj set complete with some hip shakin' motown goodness. a swell time was had by all. i wish he would come deejay my bday. that would be tops. mayer also returned later in the night to croon a couple tunes including his single "just ain't gonna work out".

here is the fairly new video with said heart shaped record in a starring role. there are behind the scenes pics of the video shoot here.

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