Friday, May 8, 2009

FLTGC: mela foundation, deitch, glowlab

best reunion: fltgc with co-founder jac. reunited and it feels so goooood. it's been months since i've crawled with jac. she's been busy with work and there were some miscomms via founders. i take the blame. so this edition is jam packed with art goodies and saki in tow too.

first up, was the dream house at the mela foundation. i've noticed the pink glow emanating from the building on church between white and franklin one evening months back. it's a conceptual piece where you become one with the room and melt into the tones blasting from the speakers. i think i found my new lunchtime nap zone. this is us being goop.

next was deitch wooster for francesco clemente's a history of the heart in three rainbows. he paints dreamlike watercolors that span the entire space. feels like floating in romance. it's up until the end of the month.

we crossed grand to the sister location, where i was uber excited to see jonathan borofsky's human structures. i walked by yesterday on my way back from lunch and saw the in progress installation of the rainbow colored tap plastic (ttttttTAP) structures in the front wing. in the back, prepare to be overwhelmed by his five large paintings. he apparently has a piece in the mission. i will have to see it the next i am home and have a burrito.

lastly, but definitely not least, was glowlab for the roberto mollá exhibit. this is another i saw going up yesterday. christina came out to chat. i heart her and she makes every visit to glowlab inviting and art-inspiring.

one can see the japanese influence in his works that capture some anime and tokyo landscape. christina told us how it was her pleasure to bring his works stateside since he is mainly known in spain and europe. don't forget to check out the catalog from his exhibit in spain. apparently someone swiped the copy from the opening the night before and a new one was freshly redisplayed on our visit. return it sir or madam. i've accidently taken from glowlab too.

i'm a lucky gal to be working near a plethora of art goodness. i am thankful for the bounty.

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lensjockey said...

I love that you love art so much!

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