Thursday, May 7, 2009

franz ferdinand @ roseland ballroom

satisfying return of a band: franz ferdinand. i haven't seen my scotsmen for quite some time. i don't think i've actually seen them since they toured for their first album. in fact, i think tonight was the fifth time i've seen them. they played a lot of radio concerts that i was a receiptant of free tickets. i was a lucky gal. i paid to see the gang at roseland tonight. i wouldn't normally because i'm not a fan of big venues, but craig and miyon are in town from across the pond. i must say having a scotsman with you and singing in your ear is a treat. they did a good job of hitting the old stuff ("take me out", "dark of the matinee" and "this fire" (encore)) which i'm most familiar with. they weren't as daper as i remembered them from previous gigs. it was refreshing to see them casual though. oh, and my fav is still bob, even though nick was looking good sporting his gimpy leg.

also other favs played were:
walk away
do you want to

however, i was sad they didn't do their cover of brit's "womanizer", but here is a clip of them performing on bbc's radio 1.

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